Cleaning Tips For Allergy Sufferers

dusty lightThere are just so many different types of allergen that can accumulate in your home no matter how hard you really try and keep them away. It is like a constant battle of good vs evil!

In my home both my wife and son have some serious allergies and so it’s imperative that we keep the place as free of dust, pollen, dander and hair from pets as possible.We also keep an eye on the build up of any mould and little mites as these can take hold and spread like wildfire if you are not super careful.

Even if you have no allergies or sensitivities of your very own, these things can still cause serious health issues. They irritate and cause damage to your lungs and other vital organs.

The great thing though, is that it only takes a little bit of cleaning every day to keep on top of things and stop yourself from becoming overwhelmed. It also will prevent the dreaded hay fever symptoms of running eyes, nose and constant sneezing!

The first place to start is at the front of your house just as you enter. The entryways and especially your front door is where the bulk of the aforementioned allergens are going to enter your house or apartment.

The primary areas that they will gather is in the floors and carpets. Rugs are also an especially good target.

Make sure that you inspect any floor coverings very carefully. We have very few rugs in our home as they simply gather and collect too much dust. We just have wooden and tiled floors as these are really quick and easy to keep clean and dust-free. I would personally recommend that you try and do the same.

Pets are usually a no-no for most allergy sufferers as almost all of them shed at least some hair. It tends to be very fine hair that is especially irritating to people with sensitivities to that kind of thing.

However, there are certain animals that are allergy-friendly and as long as you keep on top of any hair-fall from them, you should be totally fine in that regard.

The next place on our list is in your bathroom or bathrooms if your home is very large

The things which tend to build up here are mould and mildew. The warm and usually damp air from showers and baths make the corners of your bathrooms a veritable breeding ground for these irritants. It is absolutely essential that you spray a high quality biocide liberally on the areas most commonly effected by mould.

The corners of your bath and shower are prime targets. Especially the bottom corners or where the wall meets your bath or shower tray.

Of course the smart thing to do here is to keep everything as dry as possible because that will ensure that no mould can grow at all and that no mildew can begin to build up and spread either.

As I’ve alluded to already, carpets or rugs are generally a bad idea for allergy sufferers and this holds doubly true for floor coverings in bathrooms, as they can get wet easily. Again we just have bare tiles as these are easier to keep looking spotless.

Last but not least on our list of danger areas, is your bedroom. When you add up how much time that you spend here on a daily basis its not hard to see why this is such an important area to keep clean. Good once off house cleaners will already know about this cleaning method of course. Check out Home Concierge’s cleaning services for more info.

The 8 hours that you spend sleeping here, makes up the the bulk of your day. So if there is dust, hair, dander or even pollen build up here, you’ll soon know about it.

The usual rules apply; make sure you keep the room well ventilated to avoid any mould build up around your window frames or on the glass.

Also make sure to regularly clean the areas that gather dust the most. Light fixtures, the tops of door frames and paintings are the chief culprits so be on the look out for them.

The same thing applys for any rugs or mats. Keep them very clean with a regular vacuuming.

Under the bed is another often overlooked area. This is where you end up storing old shoes and boxes. They are excellent areas for dust to gather and it can easily blow out from there into the rest of the room if you’re not careful. This kind of thing will have you sniffling and sneezing all night!

In conclusion if you keep these danger zones clean and tidy then you shouldn’t have any problems. Although it’s best to keep a good hay fever medicine in your pocket just in case!

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Stubborn Stains: Food and Chewing Gum

There’s nothing that I love more than cleaning lots of dirty stains. Haha, I know I might sound crazy saying that, but there is something just incredibly satisfying about it. I guess I feel that way about cleaning in general. Even before I was a professional cleaner, I remember I would keep my bedroom absolutely immaculate. My mother thought there must be something wrong with me as, lets be honest, who has ever heard of a kid with a spotless bedroom? It just doesn’t happen.

But I’ve always a been a proper clean freak. I’m not OCD, but I just feel that being self-disciplined in all areas of your life starts with personal discipline. Presenting yourself correctly and having your room or house in order is very important.

Take a look at some the most self-disciplined people that exist; members of the army. What is the one thing that is constantly drilled into them? Their personal presentation and their area of the barracks must be perfect. Correctly made bed, clean, tidy and clutter-free sleeping area. Perfection is also expected in your uniform. Not a speck of dust is expected to be seen on your shoes and every part of your pants and jacket must be straight and perfect.

So yes I’m declaring my obsession with cleaning as a positive thing (which I genuinely believe to be true!!)

Now onto the whole point of this article!

Today I want to talk about the super stubborn stains that you just can’t seem to get rid of.

You know the ones that I’m talking about. You scrub, you brush, you scratch and you scrape but no matter what solution or product you use that pesky stain is still there smiling up at you. Very maddening indeed. Red wine, ball point pen, markers, crayons and of course blood are some of the best examples of things that can be incredibly difficult to get rid of.

Water stains and the rings that form around your bathtub or at the bottom of your toilet are a few others that come to mind.

Very often though, cleaning these properly is just about having the right tool or product for the job.

But there is one particular stain that has been giving one of my close friends a lot of trouble recently. Her kids are now at the age where they can (try) and feed themselves. As you can imagine, this results in a lot of food making its way onto the floor. And when you have cream coloured carpets, that can be a recipe for disaster. Or super fun time if, like me, you love cleaning up stubborn stains :-).

I wont bore you with the details of what didn’t work and instead I’ll just get down to what did actually work. Start off by cleaning as much of the mess as you can with paper towel or a sponge. Make sure you don’t press the food down further into the carpet! Then use the magic ingredient. Yes its baking soda, how did you guess!

The key here is to let it sit for a few hours before doing anything else. During the few hours wait, you can sit and contemplate why you thought cream carpets was a good choice? Once you’ve finished beating yourself up, you are finally ready to remove the baking soda (and hopefully the stain too). The next trick is to use a damp cloth with dish soap on it, to get the rest of the food particles lifted from your carpet. Simple! Well its simple if you think simple is trying 100 other methods and failing over and over again before discovering this method.

Another huge pain, is when gum gets stuck in a carpet or rug.

The trick here is to spread peanut butter onto the affected area. The oil in the PB will actually break down the gum making it super easy to lift off and restore your caret to its former glory.

Okay that’s me done for the day. I am off to the park to enjoy the summer sun.

As always thank you so much for stopping by and I hope to see you all again soon.

P.S. Before I go, here’s a great video with more awesome info:

Get Rid of Clutter Without Any Fuss

lots of clutter
This was all the clutter gathered from my sitting room!

Clutter is just such a massive pain and typically no matter how hard you try it just seems to gather. Wherever you have a flat surface things just seem to accumulate. It can actually be quite surreal sometimes to see it happen slowly over time.

As you keep constantly buying things, you wake up one day and see that your bedside table, your TV cabinet and your entire desk is full of clutter. It’s mostly useless stuff that you could (and probably should) be living without. Its very remarkable indeed.

So that is why I recommend a quick de-cluttering blitz every few weeks or so. That way you can keep on top of everything and not become completely overwhelmed.

Also clutter has been shown to have some fairly serious negative health effects. It increases anxiety, increases blood pressure and can lead to feeling depressed and scatter-brained. It makes it harder to breath and focus when surrounded by endless arrays of bits and bobs.

So there are definitely some very good reasons to keep your home and especially any work and sleep spaces as absolutely free from clutter as possible.

So in this article I’m going to give out some of my very best tips and tricks on how to keep your home spick and span and clutter-free.

So without any further ado, lets get into the meat and gravy of it!

Where do we start? Well I’m going to suggest a rather nonstandard place and that is inside your fridge. It’s not the first place you think of but it’s an important one for many reasons. So how do we do it? Well first you will throw out anything that smells or looks bad and that is certainly beyond its sell by date.

Milk and cheese tend to be the most common things that have been forgotten in the darkest recesses of the fridge and may have even evolved into an entirely different thing!
Anything that is near its eat-by date should be brought to the front so that you remember to eat it in time.

Next up is your pantry. The same rules apply as before. If it’s gone off then into the trash bag it goes. No ifs or buts about it. Recycle anything that can be. Now if you have things like tinned food that you know you won’t eat but it isn’t gone off. You should not throw it out. Instead you should think about bringing it to a local charity or soup kitchen. They would love to have them and it will help make you feel a bit better about yourself too. Helping others is important!

On to your bedroom next,. This is often the place that gets the least attention because when you have guests over instead of cleaning it you just shut the door! It’s the kitchen and bathroom especially that get the most focus as those are the rooms that your visitors will be staying in.

My closet and drawers are always very messy and this is where you should be spending most of of your time decluttering because it’s the area that will give you the most bang for your buck and reap the highest dividends.

Now any socks or underwear with holes in them have got to go. Okay I can already hear the chorus of screams. Everyone seems to have attachments to their “lucky” or favourite underwear, but it’s time to let go and throw them in the bin.

organisation boxes
Little plastic boxes are great for storing and organising but make sure you don’t start to hoard them!

It’s not as if replacing them is very expensive.

A lot of people suffer from anxiety though when throwing out things. So here’s an excellent tip that I learned from a very good friend of mine. Instead of dumping anything just leave it an a box in your shed or spare room and if after 30 days you still haven’t needed anything from the box then throw it out. This splits the process of throwing things out into a 2 step event and this will have the effect of easing your anxieties about potentially throwing out an item that you may eventually need.

Until next time folks, take care and good bye.

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