Cleaning Tips For Allergy Sufferers

dusty lightThere are just so many different types of allergen that can accumulate in your home no matter how hard you really try and keep them away. It is like a constant battle of good vs evil!

In my home both my wife and son have some serious allergies and so it’s imperative that we keep the place as free of dust, pollen, dander and hair from pets as possible.We also keep an eye on the build up of any mould and little mites as these can take hold and spread like wildfire if you are not super careful.

Even if you have no allergies or sensitivities of your very own, these things can still cause serious health issues. They irritate and cause damage to your lungs and other vital organs.

The great thing though, is that it only takes a little bit of cleaning every day to keep on top of things and stop yourself from becoming overwhelmed. It also will prevent the dreaded hay fever symptoms of running eyes, nose and constant sneezing!

The first place to start is at the front of your house just as you enter. The entryways and especially your front door is where the bulk of the aforementioned allergens are going to enter your house or apartment.

The primary areas that they will gather is in the floors and carpets. Rugs are also an especially good target.

Make sure that you inspect any floor coverings very carefully. We have very few rugs in our home as they simply gather and collect too much dust. We just have wooden and tiled floors as these are really quick and easy to keep clean and dust-free. I would personally recommend that you try and do the same.

Pets are usually a no-no for most allergy sufferers as almost all of them shed at least some hair. It tends to be very fine hair that is especially irritating to people with sensitivities to that kind of thing.

However, there are certain animals that are allergy-friendly and as long as you keep on top of any hair-fall from them, you should be totally fine in that regard.

The next place on our list is in your bathroom or bathrooms if your home is very large

The things which tend to build up here are mould and mildew. The warm and usually damp air from showers and baths make the corners of your bathrooms a veritable breeding ground for these irritants. It is absolutely essential that you spray a high quality biocide liberally on the areas most commonly effected by mould.

The corners of your bath and shower are prime targets. Especially the bottom corners or where the wall meets your bath or shower tray.

Of course the smart thing to do here is to keep everything as dry as possible because that will ensure that no mould can grow at all and that no mildew can begin to build up and spread either.

As I’ve alluded to already, carpets or rugs are generally a bad idea for allergy sufferers and this holds doubly true for floor coverings in bathrooms, as they can get wet easily. Again we just have bare tiles as these are easier to keep looking spotless.

Last but not least on our list of danger areas, is your bedroom. When you add up how much time that you spend here on a daily basis its not hard to see why this is such an important area to keep clean. Good once off house cleaners will already know about this cleaning method of course. Check out Home Concierge’s cleaning services for more info.

The 8 hours that you spend sleeping here, makes up the the bulk of your day. So if there is dust, hair, dander or even pollen build up here, you’ll soon know about it.

The usual rules apply; make sure you keep the room well ventilated to avoid any mould build up around your window frames or on the glass.

Also make sure to regularly clean the areas that gather dust the most. Light fixtures, the tops of door frames and paintings are the chief culprits so be on the look out for them.

The same thing applys for any rugs or mats. Keep them very clean with a regular vacuuming.

Under the bed is another often overlooked area. This is where you end up storing old shoes and boxes. They are excellent areas for dust to gather and it can easily blow out from there into the rest of the room if you’re not careful. This kind of thing will have you sniffling and sneezing all night!

In conclusion if you keep these danger zones clean and tidy then you shouldn’t have any problems. Although it’s best to keep a good hay fever medicine in your pocket just in case!

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