Get Rid of Clutter Without Any Fuss

lots of clutter
This was all the clutter gathered from my sitting room!

Clutter is just such a massive pain and typically no matter how hard you try it just seems to gather. Wherever you have a flat surface things just seem to accumulate. It can actually be quite surreal sometimes to see it happen slowly over time.

As you keep constantly buying things, you wake up one day and see that your bedside table, your TV cabinet and your entire desk is full of clutter. It’s mostly useless stuff that you could (and probably should) be living without. Its very remarkable indeed.

So that is why I recommend a quick de-cluttering blitz every few weeks or so. That way you can keep on top of everything and not become completely overwhelmed.

Also clutter has been shown to have some fairly serious negative health effects. It increases anxiety, increases blood pressure and can lead to feeling depressed and scatter-brained. It makes it harder to breath and focus when surrounded by endless arrays of bits and bobs.

So there are definitely some very good reasons to keep your home and especially any work and sleep spaces as absolutely free from clutter as possible.

So in this article I’m going to give out some of my very best tips and tricks on how to keep your home spick and span and clutter-free.

So without any further ado, lets get into the meat and gravy of it!

Where do we start? Well I’m going to suggest a rather nonstandard place and that is inside your fridge. It’s not the first place you think of but it’s an important one for many reasons. So how do we do it? Well first you will throw out anything that smells or looks bad and that is certainly beyond its sell by date.

Milk and cheese tend to be the most common things that have been forgotten in the darkest recesses of the fridge and may have even evolved into an entirely different thing!
Anything that is near its eat-by date should be brought to the front so that you remember to eat it in time.

Next up is your pantry. The same rules apply as before. If it’s gone off then into the trash bag it goes. No ifs or buts about it. Recycle anything that can be. Now if you have things like tinned food that you know you won’t eat but it isn’t gone off. You should not throw it out. Instead you should think about bringing it to a local charity or soup kitchen. They would love to have them and it will help make you feel a bit better about yourself too. Helping others is important!

On to your bedroom next,. This is often the place that gets the least attention because when you have guests over instead of cleaning it you just shut the door! It’s the kitchen and bathroom especially that get the most focus as those are the rooms that your visitors will be staying in.

My closet and drawers are always very messy and this is where you should be spending most of of your time decluttering because it’s the area that will give you the most bang for your buck and reap the highest dividends.

Now any socks or underwear with holes in them have got to go. Okay I can already hear the chorus of screams. Everyone seems to have attachments to their “lucky” or favourite underwear, but it’s time to let go and throw them in the bin.

organisation boxes
Little plastic boxes are great for storing and organising but make sure you don’t start to hoard them!

It’s not as if replacing them is very expensive.

A lot of people suffer from anxiety though when throwing out things. So here’s an excellent tip that I learned from a very good friend of mine. Instead of dumping anything just leave it an a box in your shed or spare room and if after 30 days you still haven’t needed anything from the box then throw it out. This splits the process of throwing things out into a 2 step event and this will have the effect of easing your anxieties about potentially throwing out an item that you may eventually need.

Until next time folks, take care and good bye.

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