Stubborn Stains: Food and Chewing Gum

There’s nothing that I love more than cleaning lots of dirty stains. Haha, I know I might sound crazy saying that, but there is something just incredibly satisfying about it. I guess I feel that way about cleaning in general. Even before I was a professional cleaner, I remember I would keep my bedroom absolutely immaculate. My mother thought there must be something wrong with me as, lets be honest, who has ever heard of a kid with a spotless bedroom? It just doesn’t happen.

But I’ve always a been a proper clean freak. I’m not OCD, but I just feel that being self-disciplined in all areas of your life starts with personal discipline. Presenting yourself correctly and having your room or house in order is very important.

Take a look at some the most self-disciplined people that exist; members of the army. What is the one thing that is constantly drilled into them? Their personal presentation and their area of the barracks must be perfect. Correctly made bed, clean, tidy and clutter-free sleeping area. Perfection is also expected in your uniform. Not a speck of dust is expected to be seen on your shoes and every part of your pants and jacket must be straight and perfect.

So yes I’m declaring my obsession with cleaning as a positive thing (which I genuinely believe to be true!!)

Now onto the whole point of this article!

Today I want to talk about the super stubborn stains that you just can’t seem to get rid of.

You know the ones that I’m talking about. You scrub, you brush, you scratch and you scrape but no matter what solution or product you use that pesky stain is still there smiling up at you. Very maddening indeed. Red wine, ball point pen, markers, crayons and of course blood are some of the best examples of things that can be incredibly difficult to get rid of.

Water stains and the rings that form around your bathtub or at the bottom of your toilet are a few others that come to mind.

Very often though, cleaning these properly is just about having the right tool or product for the job.

But there is one particular stain that has been giving one of my close friends a lot of trouble recently. Her kids are now at the age where they can (try) and feed themselves. As you can imagine, this results in a lot of food making its way onto the floor. And when you have cream coloured carpets, that can be a recipe for disaster. Or super fun time if, like me, you love cleaning up stubborn stains :-).

I wont bore you with the details of what didn’t work and instead I’ll just get down to what did actually work. Start off by cleaning as much of the mess as you can with paper towel or a sponge. Make sure you don’t press the food down further into the carpet! Then use the magic ingredient. Yes its baking soda, how did you guess!

The key here is to let it sit for a few hours before doing anything else. During the few hours wait, you can sit and contemplate why you thought cream carpets was a good choice? Once you’ve finished beating yourself up, you are finally ready to remove the baking soda (and hopefully the stain too). The next trick is to use a damp cloth with dish soap on it, to get the rest of the food particles lifted from your carpet. Simple! Well its simple if you think simple is trying 100 other methods and failing over and over again before discovering this method.

Another huge pain, is when gum gets stuck in a carpet or rug.

The trick here is to spread peanut butter onto the affected area. The oil in the PB will actually break down the gum making it super easy to lift off and restore your caret to its former glory.

Okay that’s me done for the day. I am off to the park to enjoy the summer sun.

As always thank you so much for stopping by and I hope to see you all again soon.

P.S. Before I go, here’s a great video with more awesome info: